Camping Vendée Domaine de Bellevue

Island of Yeu

The island of Yeu, located off the coast of Vendée in France, is a popular vacation destination known for its preserved landscapes and peaceful atmosphere.

Spanning 23 square kilometers, this island offers a multitude of activities for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

Its hiking and biking trails provide spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and its rugged coastline, while its sandy beaches invite relaxation and refreshing swims.

Visitors can also explore the island’s picturesque villages, steeped in charm and history, and savor delicious local cuisine in the numerous restaurants and cafes.

To access the island, the Yeu Continent Company offers regular crossings from the mainland, with advantageous rates to make this getaway even more accessible.

Whether for a day of exploration or an extended stay, the island of Yeu offers an unforgettable experience in the heart of Vendée’s preserved nature.

The pier to reach the island is located 40 minutes from the campsite. Enjoy preferential rates on crossing tickets from the Yeu Continent Company available at the reception.